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Create your own Online Store in 5 minutes without a programmer or extra costs.

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Compatible with modern browsers
5 Minutes
To start a working online store with your own hands
Initial financial expenses at the start

Why Shodget?

Create it Quickly

It takes just a few minutes to create a working Online Store web application.

Easy to Get Started

Fill your Online Store web application with your Products and Services and you are ready to sell.

Easy to Install

Install the web application button on your current website and you are ready to receive orders.

Conveniently Manageable

Easily manage everything on Control Panel. It does not require any special knowledge or skills.

Start Selling with Shodget

If you want to sell something online and you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on an online store, you can have a stable, attractive, and correctly working online store web application for a reasonable price.

Where to Install the Web Application Button?



If you have a website but your price list is in PDF or MS Excel, add a web application button to your website.


Social Media

If you have a Social Media page, add a direct online store link to your page.



If you have a group in Messengers, add a link to your online store there.

What makes Shodget special?

Shodget is a Web Application designed for online sales. It is suitable for all kinds of goods and services.

Online Store

Everything You Need to Start an Online Business

It has never been easy to sell your goods and services online. With the new Shodget web application, you can get all the tools you need to create an online store right on your website, social network page, and messenger. You can create a catalog of products or services and add categories, product pages, and an order cart. You can also easily define the choice of payment or delivery method. All these things can be easily done by you without the involvement of outside specialists. Most importantly, you need not worry about the stability of the online store, and its proper display on any device.

Create an online store
Control Panel

Manage Your Online Store with Ease

Manage your Online Store through an easy-to-use Control Panel. You can have all the tools such as the configuration of categories and products, product modifiers, stop lists, shipping, online payments, and much more in one place. Detailed statistics and reports enable you to see what is in demand and where you need to make marketing adjustments. A lot of customizable marketing tools such as crossed-out prices, stickers, carousel of new products, products that you want to attract customers’ attention to, discounts, gifts, promo codes help you to significantly increase sales. The admin panel is intuitive to use. So, you can easily start your business without wasting time.

Create an online store

Create Your Own Color Scheme

You can create a unique color scheme for your online store. Shodget gives you the ability to automatically create a palette for your web application using the theme setting. You just need to choose a signature color, either light or dark mode, and the automatic color designer will do the rest for you. With flexible web application button settings like shape, size, color, location on the website, and animation for the web application to appear, you can make the Web Application Button the most visible part of your website.

Create an online store

How to start selling?


Create Web Application

Enter the Control Panel, click the "Add" button, enter a subdomain and name, and click "Save". The created web application will appear in the list. You can create as many web applications as you like.


Add Products

Select the desired web application in the list to get to the web application page. In the "Products" menu, add categories and products. You can also add modifiers, stickers, and other content if needed.


Place Code or Link

Copy the "Button Code" and install the button on all pages of your website. If you do not have a website or you want to organize sales from social media or messengers, copy the "Store Direct Link" and add it to all your social media pages and messengers.

How to accept orders?

Accept orders in any way convenient for you: through the Control Panel, by email, in a chat-bot in Telegram, as well as external systems.

Start receiving orders

Control Panel

Control Panel works both on your Computer and your Mobile Device. You can get orders from different sales sources in one place.



Specify the email on which you want to receive orders in the Control Panel. You will receive all your orders there.



Accept orders in a specially created chatbot in Telegram.


External Systems

If you want or need to take orders from the Shodget web application to your existing order-taking systems, you can also use them.

How to accept payments?

Are you concerned about payments? Put all your concerns aside. You can choose several payment methods that suit you and your customers. When one is conducting online commerce, it is important to take care of payment acceptance. In addition to being safe and inexpensive for you, the comfort of your customers to make payments is also an important factor. Do not choose one method, but choose several different methods so that your customers can make a choice. When your customers will be comfortable with payments, it will increase their loyalty.

Start receiving orders

By Bank Card

It allows your customers to pay for goods immediately when they place an order on the online store. It is one of the most convenient ways to make an instant payment. It is also notable for the high speed of money transfer.


Cash Payment

Cash payment can be used for the delivery of goods by courier services. It allows your customers to pay in cash for the goods when they receive the goods by courier and at the pickup point. The payment is made to the employee of the courier service company.


Courier with a Terminal

It can be used if you plan to have a courier service. It allows your customers to pay by bank card to the courier when they receive the goods.



Balance is another means of payment. The customers can replenish their cabinets with balance in advance. The amount of balance can be used by your customers to pay for orders later.



Shodget provides bonus programs. If you use the bonus programs, you can allow your customers to use them for full or partial payment of the order.

Basic Functionality


Product Catalog

Product catalog allows you to sort products, compare products, and add items to Favorites. Products can have multiple photos and prices.


Smart Search

Smart search is an easy product catalog search. It helps customers to quickly find the right product. It accounts for numbers and endings.


Product Filter

It allows you to filter products. You can specify any arbitrary parameters to filter goods of different categories.



Shodget provides a customizable cart. You can set the necessary fields for your visitors to enable them to make the most comfortable purchase.


Online Payment

Shodget also provides integration with the payment system. You can accept bank cards and use other payment methods. You can offer various choices such as credit card payments, cash payments, and other payment methods to your customers to make payments.


Pickup and Delivery

You can set a pickup option for your customers and create different rates for delivery to different parts of the city, region, or even the country.



Shodget allows you to make reservations for tables. This feature is useful for restaurants, cafes, and bars.


Points of Sale

You can specify points of sale to organize pickup opportunities. Moreover, you can upload photos, mark locations on the map, give addresses, mention working hours, and add phone numbers.


Sales Reports

You can get detailed sales reports filtered by date and point of sale.



You can get detailed statistics on revenue, orders, average checks, popular products, popular subscriptions and gifts, and customer registrations.



Load items in MS Excel format. With this function, you can update the information of already loaded products. You can also unload them if you like.



Notifications help automatically notify the administrator and customer by email after an order is placed, when the order status changes, and when an order is registered on the website.


Support for Customers

Your customers can email you with questions and suggestions. You can specify multiple support departments.



There is also a possibility to create custom info pages where you can include any useful information for your customers.



You can create a panel to manage your shoppers. On this panel, you can see your shoppers, add, remove, and edit them.



You can also create a panel to manage your coworkers. Added employees will be able to edit resources such as web applications and their content for which you grant access.

Marketing Tools



+36% orders

Add colorful banners that will appear at the top of the web application as a carousel. Your customers will definitely notice them and be aware of your promotions. The banner can have a description, can link to a product, can have a subscription, a promotion, or jump to an arbitrary link.



+48% orders

In order to highlight items that should be sold more often, create recommended items that will be displayed at the top of the web application below the promotions. It is possible to create multiple recommendations, such as Hits, Recommended, etc.



+28% orders

Re-sales allow you to organize seasons. A customer will subscribe and buy the favorite product regularly but at a fixed lower price.



+32% orders

Do you know the situation: we have every fifth coffee as a gift? That's what the Gifts feature was created for. Your customer can buy something more than once and receive a gift for a certain amount of time.


Promo codes

+22% orders

Coupons (Promo Codes) are an effective way to encourage visitors to purchase unpopular items, attract new customers and bring back customers who left and had not been buying anything for a long time.


Product Reviews

+14% orders

Before making a purchase 76% of people study reviews of other customers about their experience with the product that they are going to buy. In addition, reviews increase customers’ confidence in your online store.



+16% orders

Everyone likes discounts. You'll be able to design a discount of your choice (by time, by amount, for first or subsequent orders, for a specific item in the cart, by gender, age, and more). With a discount on the purchase amount, you can increase the average bill.


Related Products

+5% orders

Do you want to increase the average check? If yes, your online store simply must be equipped with a related products block. This block complements the choice of a customer and leads to an increase in the items on the check.



+14% orders

You can enable cashback and your shoppers will accumulate points on their bonus account from purchases. When shoppers collect enough points, they can use them to pay for their orders.



+4% orders

Shodget allows you to draw a customer's attention to a product you need. You can design a sticker with any text. You can set a link to display all products with this sticker.


Old Price

+9% orders

With the old price crossed out the new price looks much more attractive. Since people are interested in making a good purchase and saving even a few pennies, this incentive is very effective.


Shodget Works in All Browsers

Online Store web application works fine in all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others.

Designed for Smartphones

Our Online Store web application was originally designed as a replacement for a mobile app. Your customers will feel comfortable while buying your products using their smartphones.

Scan this QR code with your smartphone or click to see how it works.


Rates are based on one web application (one online store).

Monthly billing
Yearly billing




What makes Shodget different from other solutions?

Very Fast Start

The Online Store is ready to accept orders right after its creation. You can replace already existing items in your demo store with actual items and start working.

Difficult to Get Started

In order to set up any of the available CMS, you will need at least one specialist who is familiar with it. You need to create and animate the design, register a domain, and install the created Online Store on hosting. It is not always possible to take into account from the first time what features you will need in the process, and which will be unnecessary. It is also difficult to know whether those features are already paid or not. It will require new expenses and additional time for revision.

Works All the Time

Shodget works as a SaaS service. It means that, as its user, you will get round-the-clock support, constant improvement, bug fixes, the addition of new features, and relevance to modern technology requirements. When it comes to online sales, Shodget is trying to make your life as easy as possible. We have taken care of all the possible difficulties with the servers and domains so that you can quietly and effectively increase your sales.

No Guarantees

As a rule, after the creation of your Online Store, you are left alone with all the problems that arise in the process of the website. What if the load increases and the hosting does not stand? What to do if the website ceases to display correctly? What do if any block of the website is broken? What if the orders are not being received? Many questions other than these can arise in your minds. The answer to these questions is that you will have to pay again and again for revision, rework, adjustment and correction.

Orders are Easy to Take

Shadget provides you with a single platform for receiving orders from different sales channels. All your orders will come in the Control Panel and you will not miss any of them. For your convenience, Shodget has different ways of outputting information about your incoming orders. For example, if you are comfortable with the order view format in Telegram or some other business automation system, have no worries! You can configure one or more methods in the Control Panel and orders will fly where you direct them.

Challenging Work

If you receive orders from different sources, you have to constantly monitor orders on different platforms simultaneously or you can catch orders that come only by email among the huge amount of spam.

Reports and Statistics

Shodget provides you with detailed sales reports, detailed statistics on revenue, average check, popular products, and more. All these features allow you to draw the right conclusions and steer your marketing towards more sales.

Fractured Data

When your sales data is in different forms and on different platforms, you will have to install more than one analytic tool to analyze your sales and to bring all the information together in one place which is a waste of time and money.


Today, almost 60% of the customers of online stores make purchases from Mobile Devices which means that the Online Store should be adapted to Mobile Devices and displayed correctly on them. In this way, your customers will not feel the discomfort of ordering and it will be clear and convenient to buy. Shodget is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of your customers. They will be able to make an order with ease from a Computer as well as from any Mobile Device.

Website is No Adaptive

Nowadays, in the market of websites, when an order of your Online Store is at least tolerably displayed on Mobile Devices, it needs to make a surcharge. Indeed, in today’s environment, it is impossible to have a website that does not work on the Phone, so you have to pay again and again. Since the number of new mobile manufacturers is increasing day by day and more Mobile Devices are coming to the market, the website at least needs to keep up with the progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an easy-to-integrate tool for your website that allows you to organize an e-commerce business on your website without coding training.

To integrate your web application, follow the instructions from the detailed tutorial below:

  1. Enter the Control Panel
  2. Create a web application
  3. On the web application page, copy the html code and add it to all pages of your site
  4. The web app will now work!

Having trouble setting up? Contact our customer service team and we will be happy to help you.

Undoubtedly, Web Applications are suitable for all website platforms. Here is just a small list of supported platforms: Blogger, Google Sites, Weebly, ModX, iFrame, Magento, Facebook Page, Webnode, Elementor, Drupal, WordPress, Webflow, HTML, Adobe Muse, Wix, Joomla, Squarespace, Tilda, and many others.

It is the perfect tool for organizing your online store in just a few clicks. Just add it to your website, fill out a product catalog and take orders.

If you want a color scheme, logo and other settings, you can do so directly in the Control Panel. Make all the changes, click the "Save" button and they will be applied to your website. If this does not work, please contact our support team.

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